Christian Man beats his porn and masturbation addiction! Read how...

  • Are you a Christian man fed up with the feelings of Guilt and Shame each time you fall victim to your porn addiction?
  • Have you reached the breaking point and desperately want freedom from your masturbation and porn compulsion?
  • Have you tried all the useless methods to free yourself from your obsession, like ‘will power’, filters, and avoidance?
  • Is your Church life and family life suffering, your relationship in danger, all because you are addicted to spending your free time surfing porn - feeding your addiction?

If so, this could be the most important letter you will ever read.

Hi, my name is Kel Good, yes, and I’m a real person, not a fake name hiding behind an alias but a real Christian guy just like you the only difference is I discovered a way to beat my porn and masturbation addiction and I’m here to tell you that you can too.

“The porn and masturbation compulsion is different for us Christian men - our addiction is twice as bad not only are we ruining our lives and our families but we also feel the guilt and shame worse than non-Christian worldly guys do because of our relationship with God.”

Tell me if this describes your life:
  • Each time you ‘fall’ you are filled with guilt and shame - feel worthless and defenseless against your porn addiction.
  • You want to honor God with your body and you don't feel like you're doing a very good job of it.
  • You completely identify with what the Apostle Paul says in Romans 7 that "the good I want to do I don't do. The evil I don't want. That's what I keep on doing!"
  • You know you are doing wrong, you pledge to stop after your next session, only to be compelled to do it again and again and again.

That’s how it was for me.

I missed out on so much of what should have been important and wonderful family time.

I remember one very heart wrenching experience when my oldest son was about 7.

At that time, I was still working outside the home during week days.

One Saturday morning my son came up to me and told me he loved Saturdays. When I asked him why he told me it was because it was the time Daddy was home.

Who wouldn't be moved by that?

Apparently, me.

You see instead of spending time playing with my kids on Saturdays like a normal dad would, I was busy as usual spending my time surfing porn sites, while my kids were downstairs watching cartoons on TV.

If I had to add up all the time wasted, the family obligations I missed out on, the guilt and shame that ate me alive you can understand why I thought I was a miserable sinner doomed to hell.

I did not think there was any way out I thought I was totally consumed and addicted that I could never change.

"What will happen to you?
Do you just end up a lonely old man in a
room somewhere masturbating?"

That was me before I discovered that there IS a method to beat the worst porn and masturbation addiction because I had it bad and now I’m free of it. I broke its back and I can teach you what I did so you can have that same freedom too!

Does this sound like you?:

  • Constantly trying to find time to be alone at home sitting in front of your computer watching porn, while the family is out spending time doing things together?
  • While they are out ‘missing Dad’ you’re at your home-office surfing the net, looking for more hard-core porn than the last batch you watched?
  • Does your porn addiction lead you to become completely sexually unconnected with your wife?I remember times lying in bed waiting for her to fall asleep. Then I would quietly masturbate there beside her in the dark, imagining a ‘hot’ porn spread I had viewed.
  • How about risking your job by using your computer at work to view porn?
  • Using up data costs on your phone as you are compelled to visit porn sites in secret more and more?

You know, this addiction is not your fault.

Our brains are hard-wired to receive a chemical response each time we orgasm. It’s not just the pleasure of the climax, it’s a more insidious problem when you masturbate because you feel a flood of chemicals that are like a narcotic, some designed to help you bond with your partner. But if your partner is not there this chemical only drives you and your real partner further and further apart.

The reason porn is so addictive is that you come to associate it with the experience you have when you orgasm. As we know, this experience isn't just physical. It's neurological.

When you orgasm a chemical called dopamine gets released into your brain where cell receptors receive it and give you a pleasure response.

Everything sounds good, right?

The problem is, the more dopamine "hits" these cell receptors experience, the less sensitive they become and the fewer there are available to give the desired response.

So, your pleasure response becomes less and less, even though you expose yourself to the same degree of stimulation through porn.

Because of this satiation effect, the only way you can get the same high is to consume a greater volume and variety of porn, depicting more and more graphic behaviors.

Of course, this just becomes an endless downward spiral where you are more and more hooked on the "drug."

So, if it’s not your fault, does that mean you are without hope?

NO! I have proved it, and can help you conquer porn too!

Let me ask you:

  • Are you a Christian who feels like you're constantly letting God down with your sexual behavior, especially as it relates to porn?
  • Are you a Christian who is letting your family down by spending time on the Internet addicted to porn?
  • Are you a Christian who feels guilt and shame because of your masturbation and porn compulsion?
  • Are you a Christian constantly looking for times to be alone to act on your addiction?
  • Are you a Christian who could better help your Church if not for what you see as your ‘shameful’ addiction to porn and masturbation?

If you're feeling powerless to stop doing what you know you shouldn’t, and can't seem to live like you know God wants you to because you’re addicted to masturbation and porn, I know what you're feeling and I can sincerely relate and help.

I spent most of my adult life as a Christian struggling with how I could genuinely love God and still be so messed up in my sex life because I was addicted to porn and masturbation.

First, let me let you in on three important factors that are going to convince you that you are in the right place:

  • I’m NOT a fancy-talking internet marketer exploiting your weakness I’m not here to sell you a membership site to a bunch of videos attempting to show you what someone ELSE teaches to their clients. I’m not here to sell you a $49 eBook full of psychobabble that was ghost written by a so-called expert that is also not a porn addict. NO! I’m a real guy, an IT professional, who fell to this addiction and tried everything to climb out of the porn addiction ‘hole’ and nothing worked -until I discovered my 5-key method. Because of this I’m sure you’ll agree you have a much better chance to find an answer to your prayers direct from a Christian who broke his habit and is honest i.e. who is NOT a marketer or a promoter I’m everything but.
  • I am just an IT guy who achieved victory, but because of my IT and analytical background I was able to codify my discovery into a methodology that I teach privately and directly - to you. Your addiction is something that together we can beat.
  • I’m a Christian. I have been a Christian since I was 6 years old. I’ve been a Youth Pastor, I had my own small youth congregation, I ‘rock ‘n’ rolled’ in a Christian band, and worked for many years for Christian corporations in an IT capacity. Put it this way, if there was ever someone with perfect access to all the help the Church and the Bible could offer it was me. I know all the methods that preach assistance, but none of them had a long-term effect with me. I even explored those 12 step programs to no avail.

There are only 3 things needed to beat your porn addiction:

  • Someone who has done it
  • Someone who has done it willing to teach it
  • Someone ready to learn it

You see now, those are the only things required to end your porn addiction.

Christian Methods

But when you’ve looked online to learn Christian methods to end this compulsion that’s eating you up inside leaving you with more guilt and shame all you can find is some generalized books by good-meaning Christians talking about following God and staying true to your beliefs there is nothing out there by a Christian willing to name himself as a former porn and masturbation addict who cured himself and is willing to share his method.

I did and you can too.

I beat this addiction and so will you!

Looking back, none of my religious connections were any help, even though they tried and were well-meaning. Some were embarrassed for me; but they just couldn’t relate, they spoke of beating the Devil, not about HOW.

But when I tried non-religious methods, like ‘will-power’ or Internet Porn-filters, they were no match for my addiction.

12 Step Programs

I even explored the 12 Step meetings, but found I did not like the lack of privacy even though I did consider their systems all I found was folks who were still addicted and admitted it.

Do you want to waste your time trying a support group method to beat your porn addiction where you are expected to avoid temptation in a world full of tempting images of beautifully clad women in your morning Facebook feed?

No, we are living in a world of temptation, so whatever method you choose to beat your compulsion must accept that you will be tempted in a world full of sexy women.

For me that was the only way.

Ask yourself, would you like to be in charge of your sex-life? Where you could be in a city like Vegas, for example, experience temptation, and just go home and forget about it?

To see an image on your computer screen that before would send you to your favorite porn site but now you just simply carry on without a second thought?

Where you didn’t have to think about porn when you wanted to have normal sexual relations with your partner?

To be able to have a full and satisfying erection with your partner and not experience erectile dysfunction because you needed porn to get hard?

That’s what I wanted too.

As an IT guy, believe me, I was on the forefront of the online porn revolution my porn addiction started when I was 14 when I had to decide between Playboy or Penthouse Magazine. I watched as porn spread from VHS, to DVD, and finally to all over the Internet.

As a computer geek (I say that with a smile) I knew all the tricks to cover my porn tracks and prevent my family and employer from seeing my true self.

Hey, I’m being very up front with you here. I promised to be up front, honest, and totally open and by now you can see that for yourself.

I’m risking my privacy in order to help you keep yours.

You see, when I finally beat this terrible and shameful habit, I kept my happiness to myself.

Then I realized that God wanted me to help others with this problem too.

Now, my method is powerful enough for ANYONE Christian or other - to beat their addiction. It’s not something I derived from the Bible or Christian teachings, I can help anyone everything in my tailor-made method is based on YOU and if you pray for help on the side that’s all I ask.

At the same time, it’s totally in line with God and the Bible.

I silently rejoiced and thanked God for giving me the power to beat this and I vowed to him two things:

  • I would do my Christian duty and share my story and my method with those who were ready to listen
  • I would use my IT analytical skills to configure my method into a duplicatable tailor made way that I could assist and coach anyone who was in the same place I was in and ready to break this nasty habit too.

Here’s how it works First Session entirely FREE and 100 % PRIVATE!

If you are ready to speak with me that means you’re
sick and tired of suffering, I know I can help you.

I only offer private coaching where I tailor
my 5 keys to beating porn addiction to you.

Each person will get a tailor-made solution for them. My system requires us to speak, over a private Skype or phone session, to discuss if we can work together.

Think of it as a free session on helping you beat this addiction.

IMPORTANT! I only TURN AWAY those who are looking to break an addiction to physical affairs that’s just not what I know, and to be fair, I can’t promise any kind of success in that area.

In your free session, I will ask you some key questions and describe what I can do with you. We’ll get to know each other and you can ask me anything I’ll keep nothing back.

Then I will present you with a plan, each one is different so that’s all I can say for now, but you can ask me anything during our free session because I’ve been there before I know what to ask you.

So, if you’re ready to end your addiction to porn and masturbation, if you’re ready to have a normal sex-life, with normal desires and relationships, if you’re ready to spend time with your family, your friends, your work mates, instead of hiding behind your computer monitor endlessly surfing porn sites contact me now.


I mentioned Vegas earlier, because it was a great test for me.

In fact, just this year I went back to Vegas again a short time ago and realized after being there for several days wandering the glitzy streets at night, that I had been walking amid endless temptations that in the past would have totally leveled me and caused me to go running to find a bathroom to get offand I didn’t even notice.

That's the truth. I suddenly realized I was completely unaffected by things that would have triggered my addiction totally in the past.

When I say, I was unaffected, I don't mean I didn't experience sexual desire when I saw women who had nothing but nipple stickers covering their breasts, or girls in thongs that left nothing to the imagination regarding their shapely behinds.

No, I saw it all. Felt desire for it all. And just wasn't affected in the sense of having to do anything about it.

Because now I'm free of my compulsion and you can be too.

You won’t have to hide away to make sure you never experience any triggers.

Instead you can simply experience them and respond in a normal, healthy way by being sexually aroused, enjoying that feeling, and going on your way like any normal guy.

Now you can do what you want, like Paul said. ‘I no longer do what I don't want.’

I know in your current sexually addicted state what I'm describing here sounds like a fantasy.

But when we work together, you can be free of your addiction too.

And I can help you.

As a Christian you face some real challenges because the beliefs you've been told regarding how to think about all this have tripped you up.

I'm not saying the church has deliberately misled you. We all approach scripture and try to understand it in sincerity. People only know what they think they know. And we share that with others.

But I found these keys critical to beating porn addiction as a Christian. I had to reconsider what I'd been taught by well-meaning people who were not addicted.

The result was a victory I never dreamed was possible when I was still approaching things the way I was taught in the past.

I encourage you to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. But not in the way you've been told you should, by constantly trying to "keep your thoughts pure" and never experience or appreciate the natural sexual arousal sexually attractive women produce in you.

I'm telling you right now you will never eliminate those desires from your life.

You don't need to. You need them if you are going to be a man and have a sex life. It is part of God’s plan.

Instead you can become capable of experiencing sexual temptation and remain self-controlled in the face of these temptations. When you reach this point, you will never be the same. I cannot tell you how many times each day I thank God for his deliverance.

It was not an instant miraculous deliverance.

But it is miraculous just the same.

Because in coming to know the truth, it has set me free.

My prayer is that you'll find this freedom too.

  • If what you have read makes sense to you, and you are ready to be honest with yourself, and you desire to end your compulsion you can with my help.
  • You need help to battle your compulsion, that’s where I come in. I can help you on this journey like no other I think you realize that now.
  • I have made it one of my life’s ambitions to be the person there for you - the kind of person that was missing in my life.
  • Because we don’t know each other, it’s easier for you to be honest with me - we’re not part of a group of ‘addicts’ who can’t beat their compulsion, no we are two people dedicated to winning back your life with maximum privacy.
  • Together we will follow a ‘tailor made’ program to allow you to enjoy sexual triggers without acting on them unless you wish to and not because you’re compelled to.
  • When we work together, you’ll find the freedom to NOT end up a dirty old man locked away with his computer masturbating, but someone able to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship with a woman, free of compulsions.

You have nothing to lose and a LIFE to gain back!


Kel Good

P.S. The best time to book your session was a year ago, the second-best time is right now. Think of what life will be like free of this terrible hold porn has on you, to live life without the compulsion to masturbate when tempted - Click here to book Free Session and I’ll promise you that you won’t regret it!